St Patrick’s Festival Comp…

St Patrick’s Festival (SPF) 2009 are running a great competition for budding photographers, bloggers and Pixie users to celebrate this year’s festival. There are a number of different elements to the comp but basically:

canon have sponosed prizes for some of the best photos of the SPF events uploaded to the SPF group, including a Canon EOS 1000D Digital SLR as first prize!!

in addition to this (yes, there’s more!) SPF have on offer a number of viewing passes for the parade on the 17th to bloggers, photobloggers and others who mention the competition and the festival. the passes include a top prize of two “golden passes” providing exclusive access to the parade route on the day, which is practically unheard of!

it gets better yet as the Guinness Storehouse have sponsored a Pixie Party after the parade for 250 boggers, photobloggers & pixie users! there is more detailed info here

if you’re not in, you can’t win – or so they say… i’m in!

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nursery textiles / curating people / building communities / vintage treasures :: belgium / ireland
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