Francesco Turrisi CD launch

Italian jazz musician Francesco Turrisi launched his latest project Si Dolce E’ Il Tormento on Wednesday evening in the Goethe Institute, Dublin. I dropped in to catch Francesco, Dan Bodwell and Sean Carpio perform some of the works from the CD to a packed front room in the Goethe.

Francesco Turrisi

The CD is a series of compositions for jazz quartet (though only a trio were present at the launch) based on Francesco’s research in 17th Century Italian music. Although they claimed not to have performed the music in almost a year the trio were more than capable of recalling Francesco’s compositions. For the penultimate piece of the evening, the piano, bass and drums wove three strands around the basic structures of the 17th Century music creating complex layers which developed into an overwhelming cacophony. Drums and bass suddenly fell away to reveal Francesco’s delicate piano, relieving the tension the trio had built up in the room. The performance had the audience of jazz and new music afficianado’s laughing and applauding simultaneously.

For future performances and more info on Francesco’s Projects check out his site

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