New exhibition in the Model::Niland

I’m heading to the wild west this weekend to check out the first exhibition from the Model::Niland since their closure in 2008 for redevelopment. Signals in the Dark: Art in the Shadow of War is an inter-disciplinary exhibition which explores “contemporary art’s relationship to war and its representations.

“Investigating the interstices between perpetual war, dominant politics, and military aesthetics, this project confronts issues of global warfare; how it is imaged, and how it is imagined”

The exhibition will be hosted in the Model’s satellite space Castle House in Sligo’s town centre from 14 March. The plans for the 2009 programming earmark the Model as a stimulating space for contemporary art in Ireland. If you don’t make it this weekend be sure to make the trip to Sligo before the 3 May when the exhibition closes.

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