Myspace Shutdown/Hilliards/Cultural Billboards

I would normally use MySpace as my radio during the day but recently changed to Radio 1 in the mornings so have been away from MySpace for a while. I went back to listening to my favourite artists today only to discover that many of them have taken down the full tunes and put samples of the tunes up instead.

Of course artists need to sell full records to make a living from their work, I absolutely understand this, but I used to adore having Xavier Rudd and Cut Copy to listen to at work. I would always pay for live gigs and have some of their music on my iPod but it was handy to browse my favourites on MySpace. Am mildly disappointed about this…


I’m heading to Lausanne on Thursday next to catch the new production by German composer Heiner Goebbels. The work is a theatrical composition written for The Hilliard Ensemble. It is the first time the Hilliards have had to combine theatrical performance with their singing so I’m really looking forward to seeing how they make that work.

Watch this space for a review post Thurs… 


After getting a tip from the Model on twitter (I’m still not au fait with the twitter lingo – forgive me, I’m new), I checked out their billboard ad for the new exhibition launching tommorrow. It looks great, so out of place among the car ads and the shoppers. It’s going to generate loads of interest in the exhibition once people realise that’s what it’s for.


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