Cultural Notes for today

Instead of detailed everything in separate posts I’m stealing Damien Mulley’s fluffy links idea and posting a few items together. Well, maybe with a little more detail…

Arts Management Ireland blog mentions the new opportunity from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in partnership with the British Council for young visual arts curators. Applications from the ACNI site here. Shame there’s not the equivalent on offer for music programming… Watch this space!


Denise at Virtual Existence has started a list of all Irish arts and cultural organisations on twitter.

I’m twittering away too –  @samadhya


I followed the “picturegate” incident with my jaw on the floor today and was thrilled with Pat Kenny’s interview with FF TD Michael Kennedy (podcast possibly at this link tomorrow). So thrilled in fact, I emailed Pat congratulations on an excellent interview and he read it out on air! This is the body of what was in the email:

I would like to offer my congratulations to Pat Kenny on his interview this morning with FF TD Michael Kennedy. It was a brilliant interview in defence of freedom of speech and non-censorship of our public broadcaster by policital parties. The apology offered on RTE TV last night was atrocious and a disgrace to the democratic process.
Well done Pat, you have my newfound respect

Pat read it out and added “Aisling! I’m sorry that I didn’t have your respect before and I’m glad to have it now”



The deadline for Waterford Youth Arts Ted and Mary O’Regan Bursary for arts practitioners is Friday 29 May 09. Application forms available here

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