Francesco Turrisi Tarab

I was glad I made the decision to head into JJ’s last night to check out Francesco Turrisi’s ensemble Tarab, despite being exhausted after a very early morning start. The evening was in three parts and I arrived just in time to catch the first set with Francesco, Robbie Harris, Emer Mayock and Nick Roth. Throughout the evening there were various shifts in performers on stage with cellist Kate Ellis joining the ensemble a number of times.

I was absolutely shattered and it was difficult to take in all the subtleties of the performance, especially as each of the performers contributing are well known for their individual skill, but I was struck by Emer and Nick’s fusion on a jig Emer brought to the table. I also didn’t realise Emer was quite as versatile as she is – tin whistle, low whistle, pipes and flute all made an appearance at some stage in the evening. Her control over the temperamental pipes was especially remarkable.

Suffice to say that if you get a chance to check out the ensemble again don’t hesitate.


I’m heading out of the country for a few weeks so the blog will be quiet until I get back…

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