Cool Steel Army CD launch

Thanks to Aisling for inviting me to guest post here in her absence.

Last night saw the launch of Roger Doyle’s new CD, Cool Steel Army at the Project Arts Centre. The album received funding under the Music Network/Arts Council Music Recording Scheme 2008.

The Project’s concert venue was filled to capacity as Actor Alan Stanford provided a colourful and entertaining introductory speech. Cool Steel Army is released on electronic music label, Psychonavigation Records, and Doyle’s electro edge was evident on the entrancing title track. This was performed by Doyle, alone with keyboard and laptop on stage. Three further pieces, all part of the ‘soundtrack for an imaginary film’, under the title of, ‘Adolf Gebler, Clarinettist’ were performed. The first employed the vocal talents of Fionnuala Gill in a powerful and melodic work. Voice actor Jonathon Ryan was next to join the composer on stage, reciting a portion of Carlo Gebler’s script over Doyle’s understated yet effective accompaniment. The performance came to an end with the work’s finale, which marries Doyle’s electronic and contemporary-classical sides in the incorporation of samples of Gill’s vocal performance, triggered on his laptop, with synthesised and orchestral sounds.

Roger Doyle does seem to straddle a number of different worlds within the arts community. Theatre enthusiasts, who seem to have been present in abundance, were well catered for in this performance but so too were the contemporary music and electronica fans. Doyle’s genre-crossing holds lessons for other contemporary musicians hoping to fill similar venues without compromising artistic integrity.

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