Angela Conner Public Sculpture for Dublin

I was a little surprised to see a new public sculpture on the top of Grafton St Friday evening last. I took a tour of Dublin’s public sculptures last year with second year Business Studies with Arts Management students from IADT and at that point (March if I remember correctly) there was another piece there. It consisted of four tall pillars (there were supposed to be five but one was MIA) which would change design with the seasons. I was under the impression that work was permanent but it seems the space has been deemed a temporary space for public art at the suggestion on the Solomon Gallery and on Friday 3 April a new work appeared.

Angela Conner Sculpture

This is a piece by British Sculptor Angela Conner entitled Patefaction. I just passed quickly on Friday so didn’t get a good chance to take in the piece but it is substantial in size and has movable parts on it which passers-by can

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