Infectious at Science Gallery

I got an email from Darragh Doyle about the launch of Infectious Stay Away at the Science Gallery which was open to members and bloggers and popped in yesterday evening to check it out. It’s the first time I ever had to queue to get into a launch and thought it a little pretentious until I realised the reason for the delay – all members were given masks and were scanned for infectious diseases before being allowed to enter the exhibition! It was all very serious and we were warned to wear our masks at all times and were given tags to monitor our movements at all times. (The tag blinks when activated and is still blinking on the couch here beside me this morning – a little unnerving…)

The exhibition itself relied heavily on gimicks and the novelty factor of pieces such as the Immune Lab which offered participants the opportunity to check their own DNA for immunity to diseases. One of the more interesting works was Fugue, a collaboration between visual artist Gordana Novakovic and composer Rainer Linz. Linz wasn’t credited in the Science Gallery exhibition, something which Novakovic was eager to amend when I spoke with her about the work. Fugue is a smaller version of a large installation which Novakovic and Linz have been working on for five years. Based on the functioning of the human immune system the visuals and music respond to the artificial changes created by complex scientific software. Read more about Fugue Arts here.

Infectious Stay Away is running in the Science Gallery until 17 July – pop in and have your lips monitored for infectious diseases!

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