Culture Notes

I’ve been out of action for the last few days trying to shake a fluey feeling while treking the city from The Point to Kilmainham to find a new place. Phew…

So, I’ve missed the best part of the Ergodos festival but am looking forward to Expressway to Yr Skull tonight.

There is also a great gig tonight as a part of The Fold series in St Audeon’s Church. Featuring improv from trio Morla and a new project from David Donohoe called Rainfear, it should be an interesting evening.

I caught the Doves gig in the Olympia on Monday night. I really didn’t know what to expect, I got the tickets as a surprise my a significant other. The music was pretty good actually but I was more impressed with the visuals. The background films were at times more engaging than the music and the light display was like nothing I’ve ever seen in the Olympia before. A pretty good night all in all!

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nursery textiles / curating people / building communities / vintage treasures :: belgium / ireland
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