Culture Notes

A few notes for today:

RTÉ Performing Groups just announced a new song competition. The winning song will be performed by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and the songwriter will win a day of recording in Cauldron Studios. Deadline for entries Friday 22 May.

VAI are looking for interested parties to consult on a new charter document  addressing a code of practice for organisations working with individuals or groups of artists. Register your interest by emailing

Thanks a million to Donal for his guest blog on the Cork International Choral Festival!!

Loads going on as usual…

Lunasa have been working with a group of traditional musicians in Leitrim as a part of a residency with Leitrim Co Co. On Friday next (15 May) in the Button Factory they launch a CD entitled The Leitrim Equation featuring compositions by Lunasa, individual musicians and collaborative efforts. I had a listen to the CD and it’s a beautiful collection of tunes. I was particularly blown away by a composition by fiddle and viola player Maurice Lennon called Master Shanley’s Hornpipe. Played on the viola, the tune is simple and uses the grainy sound of the viola to bring an added dimension to the lyrical melody.

Donal Dineen has a blog on Today fm where he publishes his playlists and gig info. Very handy but it doesn’t support subscriptions so I can’t get it onto my reader unfortunately. I find if something isn’t in my reader I completely forget about it…

Music Network present The Long Note: Music from the west of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands. The tour, featuring Tony MacMahon, Angelina Carberry and Allan MacDonald, kicks off on Wed 13 May in the Coach House. I’ll be there!

Heading to Sligo tonight to check out R.S.A.G. in Castle House as a part of the Model’s Offsite programme. I’ve heard him online a few times and am really looking forward to checking him out live later. It’s gonna be good!

Jazz musician Louis Stewart was elected a member of Aosdána at the recent general assembly. He is one of eight new members and his election acknowledges the enormous contribution he has made to national and international jazz performance.

Brian Ledwidge Flynn has been mucking about with some classic tunes

On a non-music related note, I saw the Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In at the Lighthouse Cinema last night. It was brilliantly chilling, more so because of the bullying the main character receives at the hands of his classmates than for any vampire-related activities. Please check it out if you get a chance, it’s beautifully shot and includes some wonderfully comic moments, such as an attack by a clowder (yes, that is the collective term for cats, google!) of cats on a newly made vampire woman (this was the worst moment of the film for me, adding fuel to my wariness of cats).

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