Culture Notes

It’s been a very quiet few weeks for gigs as I’ve been focussing on moving house so instead here are a few bits and pieces to keep me going!

I checked out R.S.A.G. and support Thread Pulls in Castle House, Sligo last Saturday as a part of the Model’s New Spaces for Music programme. The gig was in one of the exhibition spaces and the set up was pretty cool as he fit nicely into one of the corner spaces of the main gallery rooms. I’ve heard him loads on radio and online but this was my first time checking his live gig. He has a pretty unique sound and I was well impressed with his drumming talents, however, I did feel like I had heard all he had to offer after about 4 songs and that he doesn’t experiment around the sound too much. Check out a live gig for yourself and let me know what you think.

The Contemporary Music Centre (CMC) are hosting what sounds like a pretty cool workshop on 22 May. Bill Dowdall will be demonstrating and chatting about multiphonics and his personal use of extended flute techniques. It is likely to be a bit of a plug for the actual flute part Dowdall uses but for E5 on the door it’s well worth it to get the inside track from the well-renowned performer.

I spotted info on a new all-ages performance venue in Dublin on nialler9’s blog this morning. Run by the guys responsible for The Hideaway House, the initiative has just been awarded start-up funds from The Arts Council to set up a more permanent venue in the city centre. They’re hoping to get a little help on the set-up of the project so get in touch with them if you think you might have something to offer –

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