Limited internet access

Sincere apologies all,

I’m in the between-apartments limbo at the moment and have very limited internet access. I can keep an eye on things from my iPhone but found that posting blogs from there is nigh-on impossible. There is loads going on in Dublin and beyond and I’ll try to get a full post up asap, including Tricky and The Leitrim Equation reviews and a few notes about up and coming bits.

In the meantime, I like this…

About aisling

nursery textiles / curating people / building communities / vintage treasures :: belgium / ireland
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2 Responses to Limited internet access

  1. tenacioustimothy says:

    Hey Aisling- stumbled across you in the tag surfer. That Firekites song is excellent as is the rest of the hard to get album! If you want to download a few of their tunes Obscure Sound still has them up. Paris and Same Suburb, Different Park are quite good although Autumn Story still my favourite.

  2. aislingcryan says:

    Hey, T,
    The tune is perfect for the animation alright. Sweet!

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