Contemporary gigging

I made it (after a sprint across town) to Rob Casey and David Lacey’s experimental performance yesterday evening in the Goethe Institute and was glad I made the dash over. Not surprisingly, I was the only female present in the room (I still haven’t figured out why this is often the case with smaller experimental gigs) but the turn out was small enough. I got a text from a friend about the gig an hour before so perhaps that’s part of the reason for the small numbers. In any case, Casey and Lacey (I know, I know…) performed a 45 minute experiment with piano and percussion, building from a hushed singing sound to a roaring cacophony over the 45 minutes, dropping off to a hush over 5 minutes at the end. Between the two of them they produced a huge variety of sounds on their respective instruments using both electronic and rudimentary devices (Lacey produced an interesting crackling hiss from a torn cymbal at one point). The intensity with which Casey and Lacey listened to both eachother and their instruments was obvious from the outset. Both their hands were shaking during the performance and I wondered if this was due to the fact that it is terrifying to expose something so raw to an audience of peers or if it was from the intensity of their contribution to the performance. The sweat dripping from David Lacey’s forehead at the end of the performance would suggest the latter. Keep an eye on Casey’s myspace for future gigs of the same nature.

I’m sorry not to be able to make it over to the National Gallery on *Saturday afternoon for Isabelle O’Connell and Laura Barger performing Messiaen’s “Visions De L’Amen”. The background story to the work (Messiaen’s recent release from a POW camp in 1943) makes the emotions expressed in the work all the more intense. The performance is at 3pm and admission is free. If anyone is interested in going, send me an email and I can put you down for reserved seating for the performance. It should be a really beautiful concert, it’s a shame not to be in Dublin for it. They also perform in Cork on Friday evening for any Cork readers!

Incidentally, the reason I’m not in Dublin this weekend is I’m heading to Sligo for the opening on the new Medium Religion exhibition in The Model. Check if out!

* Update Friday 22 May – the performance is on Saturday! Not Sunday as I had originally posted!

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