Upcoming Gigs

I’m heading to Airfield house tomorrow evening for the launch of the new Triocca album. Should be a lovely evening, especially if the weather is as nice as it was today – Airfield is just so gorgeous, like a little gem in Dundrum development land! The nice thing about the launch is Triocca are going to perform a full concert programme after, which is unusual enough. We still have a few tickets here in Music Network – call Niamh to book. (We’re losing our wonderful temporary-PR manager Aoife next week and this is her last hurrah with us – we’ll miss her terribly.)

whatconcert.ie has been around for a few months now but only just officially launched. It’s a pretty handy site and will be great for people in my position programming gigs as it can be used as a tool to check what dates other events are programmed and avoid clashes. If used by enough people it could really address the issue of music orgs feeling like they have to compete for audiences instead of sharing them. I feel this pretty strongly this week as Thurs 4 June I have to choose between two gigs I really want to get to. One is the last in The Fold series of gigs, featuring Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Thread Pulls. The second is Francesco Turrisi’s gig in The Back Loft. Grrr…

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