Culture Notes

A couple of performances are on this weekend that it would be worth trying to get to:

Tonight (Friday 19 June) La Catedral Studios present Midsummer Mini-Salon at The Back Loft. The “madness, mayhem and mesmeric mystification” starts at 8pm.

I mentioned previously (but unless I’m reminded I tend to forget things so for now I’ll assume everyone has the same goldfish memory) that the CMC are presenting Music for Midsummer as a part of Temple Bar Cultural Trust’s Midsummer in Temple Bar programme on Saturday at 6pm in the CMC Library.

In my previous post I mentioned the Spatial MC gig in the NCH on Weds last. I just read this morning that a work by Jonathan Nangle, one the composers featured in the Spatial MC performance, was selected by the International Rostrum of Composers as a recommended work in the Under 30 catagory. More information on the Irish submissions for the ICR on RTÉ lyric fm’s Nova .

The Hugh Lane Sundays at Noon series features bassist Malachy Robinson performing Ian Wilson’s work Schattentiefe. This coming Sunday 21 June at Noon… 

Stepping away from music for a moment, visual artist Fergus Byrne sent on a quick email about Bodily Trace Drawing Day – a workshop with Fergus which takes place all day tomorrow, Sat 20 June, in The Lab. More info here

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