Upcoming gigs

I can’t believe it’s over a week since I had a chance to last post something. Serious work has started on the performance I’m planning for later this year in Tipperary – more on that anon – and I’ve been so busy with Music Network I haven’t had a chance really.

Last week we launched the second year of the Music Capital Scheme. The deadline for applications isn’t until Monday 02 November but the enquiries are already coming in thick and fast. There are two streams of funding this year; Stream 1 – support for the purchase of instruments for amateur performing groups; Stream 2 – support for individual highly-skilled musicians to purchase an instrument to help further their career. All the information is on the Music Network website and you can also have a chat with me about it by calling 01 6719429.

I’m heading to see the National Chamber Choir perform this evening in the National Gallery. The programme is titled L’amour Francais and features works by Saint-Saens (I’ve been singing the Babe version of his Organ Symphony all day – reggae mice version here!! – also, the NSO are performing the Organ Symphony in September!! Can’t wait, it’s one of my all-time favourite works, hense all the exclamation marks!!) and new works including works by Ohana and Kerhoas. I’m really looking forward to being serenaded for the evening!

Lorcan MacMathuna’s Northern Lights project is on tour at the moment – check if out if you can

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