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By all accounts it seems we won’t know the fate of many of Ireland’s QUANGO’s as An Taoiseach has decided not to release the McCarthy report compiled by An Bord Snip until after the Oireachtas has had a chance to review, which is most likely to be after the summer break (although if the opposition have their way the break may be delayed and fair enough, say I. Imagine if I arrived into Music Network on Tuesday to announce I was taking a few months out and things would just have to tick over on their own until I get back – and I’m not running a country! yet…). In a review of QUANGO’s in last Sunday’s Sunday Independent the Arts Council actually comes off pretty well, although the review is critical of the number of consultants retained by the Council in 2008 considering there are already a number of advisors on the books. The review makes no mention of Culture Ireland, another body speculated to be facing cuts under the report.

Temple Bar Cultural Trust, in partnership with The Arts Council, have announced details of their Arts Audiences initiative. Information and updates on the initiative here.

The new Creative Careers site is up and running.

Gradcam just announced details of their upcoming research opportunities.

Oh I found the info on the Irish Composers Collective gig in the NCH on facebook. It’s on Wednesday (15 July), not Tuesday as I had previously mentioned, and is most certainly not a figment of my imagination…

The VAI is calling for consultation on an Artists’ Charter Project addressing agreements between commissioners and artists. This is expedient given the piece in the Irish Times today about Mannix Flynn’s engagement with Dunamaise Arts Centre

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