I’m still here…

As I mentioned previously, I’m going to be a bit caught up for the next few weeks so the blog posts are thin on the ground. There are a few things on the way to mention:

Temple Bar Cultural Trust are hosting Culture and the City debate in Meeting House Square tomorrow evening from 6.30pm. The question being asked Is this city fit for purpose? aims to explore such issues as control and regulation of the space, although in the marketing material the majority of the word count is given over to the fact that this will be the a “masked” debate. Participants will be asked to wear a white face mask for the entire debate – promoting anonymity to encourage truthful opinions. I’ll hopefully be there from 6.30pm, tomorrow 19 August.

I popped into the launch of Culture Night today in Collins Barracks to get an idea of what we can expect for 25 September. This year it expands to more cities and towns across the country including Letterkenny, Galway, Tralee and Sligo among others. Check out the listings here.

I’m totally out of the loop with gigs and events but when I hear of any great ones coming up I’ll post…

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