Bringing it home!

The publicity is kicking in for the Music for the Golden Vale performance in Cashel Cathedral on Friday 04 September. Today the Tipperary Star featured information in the Cashel section of the newspaper and on Wednesday of next week I’ll be recording an interview with Fran Curry of Tipperary’s main radio station Tipp fm for his programme Classic Café. My posters and programmes arrived from the printers today so expect to see Tipperary plastered with Music for the Golden Vale posters after this weekend! Onwards and upwards people! 

In other news, the DEAF fundraiser in Temple Bar’s Meeting House Square is shaping up to be a nice shindig (forgive all the colloquialisms this evening, I’ve had a lot of coffee…) If you can make it along please do and support one of Ireland’s brilliant, constantly developing, festivals in what is proving a tough year for festivals all over this country. I have a vested interest in the fundraiser as my Cork based ensemble – Quiet Music Ensemble (website under development)-  have a planned performance for the last night of the festival, October 31st. More details on that anon.

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