Culture Notes

Just in the door from Waterworn as a part of Absolute Fringe and it was really, simply the most elegant work I have laid my eyes on. A shadow play based on a tale of sea adventure, the play revolved around one character and his day at sea, hunting whales. I haven’t seen shadow puppets since I was a child and my Dad used to make them to entertain us before we went to sleep and this was a treat and a half. On entering the darkened tent space, we passed a hunched over figure playing an out of tune piano that managed to sound charming without grating on the ears. The lights came up behind the sheet and there was an instant engagement with the silhouetted figure. There is something lonely and poignant about shadow plays that lent itself perfectly to the tale of loneliness and tragedy at sea; enhanced by the Michael Nyman-style repetitive rhythms of the piano. I went with my friend Niamh and after the play she remarked that the haphazard tuning and creaks of the old piano made perfect sense in the handmade tone of the production. If you get a chance, please see it – it made us want to run home and create our own shadow play theatre, and we might just do that yet!

I also got a chance today to drop into the Douglas Hyde at lunch for a short talk by the curatorial assistant Barry White about the current exhibition of Paki Smith works. I hadn’t actually seen the show at that point and was delighted to be introduced to some of the works within the context of Paki’s work. The show is brilliant – there’s an awful lot of work displayed, supplemented by a load of his workbooks and journals, but its well worth taking the time to see everything. I found the imagery, ideas and imagination in the work really inspiring and have a small idea for a wee craft project after spending time in the space.

I have a ticket in my pocket for the Synth Eastwood gig at the Spiegeltent tomorrow so very much looking forward to that and in particular to the spatial mc two-hour pre-show gig! Spatial mc emailed out a list  “eye-catching facts about the show”:
• Sadly this is the last year The Spiegeltent is in Dublin
• This is the best priced show in The Spiegeltent (€15!)
• Free Absolut reception!
• 5 minor Irish celebrities may be in attendance
• 6 different music styles on offer
• Multi speaker dancing is the equivalent of 2 triathlons
• Free Absolut reception!

Culture Night is only a few weeks away at this stage and because it’s taking to the road and going national this year there are a few serious decisions to be made. For the past few years it was just a matter of trying to decide which of the many, many events to attend in Dublin, however this year we’re faced with the option of heading home or to other parts of the country to sample the cultural events on offer there. I’ve decided to head for west and will be spending the night in Sligo taking in all they have to offer. More anon…

One last quick note – google give grants to arts and not-for-profit organisations looking to use their Ad Words facility. Get in touch people!

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