Artist Seth Kim-Cohen is writing a twitter novel… Also, check out his recently published book In the Blink of an Ear: Towards a Non-Cochlear Sonic Art. I haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet but when I do I’ll give it a short review. I’m in the middle of Alex Ross’ The Rest is Noise, which is an unbeatable guide to twentieth-century music. It’s information heavy but conjures a visual map to the significant events, works and artists of the twentieth-century.  Again, when I get through it I’ll write a few notes on it.

Modest Mouse (I love the giant fly on his site) is coming to Ireland! Whee!

You facebook people – join my Music Capital Scheme group and get loads of info on capital support for instruments in Ireland!

Michelle Browne’s Mind the Gap project is continuing as a part of the Fringe Festival. I caught the Fare Play trip last weekend and took a taxi spin around Dublin with the epitome of a Dublin taxi driver giving me a guide to the buildings and follies that form a part of the Nama fiasco. The driver was pro-Nama and had a load of convincing points to make (e.g. Manchester, a city with a larger population and annual financial turnover than the whole of Ireland, has FOUR MP’s and a handful of counsellors, who keep the city ticking over without any major disasters while we need a couple of hunderd TD’s and a couple of thousand counsellors…) but I’m still not convinced and believe the government is working very hard to bail out it’s boys club.

I also caught Die Roten Punkte at the Bosco Tent on Saturday night. It was an awful lot of fun and had the audience doubled over with laughter as Otto and Astrid brought us on a hilarious and occasionally cringe-worthy adventure that is their music career. For a small duo with teeny instruments to have an entire tent stand up and make hand gestures at will is no mean feat in audience engagement! Myself and my mates hung around for the evening and danced the night away with live music and a DJ to follow – a great fringe evening!

Just for kicks “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy

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