The hiatus comes to an end

Upcoming events

(Plug Alert!) On 31 October in Filmbase the Quiet Music Ensemble (QME) present night leaves breathing; their first performance since the launch of the ensemble in July 2008. Prepare yourself for a 5-hour extravaganza of experimental music, sonic environments, uncommon Dreamhouse and drone music as the QME brings DEAF09 to a close. The QME website is under development at the moment so there are a few bugs but there is gig info here and tickets here. The QME will be joined by musician, curator and writer David Toop for an improvisation and the event will conclude with a performance of his work for the QME night leaves breathing.  MySpace & facebook

Kaleidoscope is a new music series curated by musicians Kate Ellis and Clíodhna Ryan. I missed the first night at the beginning of October but will definitely be heading along to the next one on 03 Nov in the Odessa Club. For those of you interested in eclectic performance across all areas of classical music this is definitely one for you.

Ergodos present Smyth/Marshall/Sanders this Wed coming (14 Oct) in the NCH. Info on the gig here and tickets from the NCH website.

Stet Lab in Cork kick off their 2009/2010 series this evening in The Roundy, Castle St. With performance titles such as Folk from Hell and Tuba and Laptop Shenanigans you can be sure this is going to be a very interesting evening of experimental music!

Reviews in brief

Jaki Irvine’s new work Seven Folds in Time is showing now in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios and will continue until 31 October. The piece explores the relationship between music and image and plays on the space that exists around practice and anticipation of performance. I find it resonates specifically with the performer in me, however the positioning of the monitors and the extreme close-up shots of the performers allow viewers with no performance history to enter that space and experience the concentrated state of trance when preparing for some future performance.

I made the trip to Louth on 01 October to experience the unique sounds of the Hilliard Ensemble at their best. Performing their Arhkangelos programme, the ensemble brought the audience on a tour of sacred music across Europe, traversing West to East. I could easily write a long review of the performance but time limits only allow me to link to the review by Philip Hammond. If I miraculously find time in the next few weeks I’ll detail my experience.

Culture notes

The deadline for Music Network’s Music Capital Scheme is less than a month away at this stage. Get your applications in to me before 02 November. More information on the award here, email me on or call 01 671 9429.

The Journal of Music is unlocking articles for a day at a time – today’s article is an interview with pianist Paul G. Smyth by Benedict Schlepper-Connolly.

There is a forum for experimental music meet-up’s online and the site has a Dublin-based group. At the moment it seems like a space for new arrivals in Ireland to make friends, regardless of their musical leanings, but has the potential to become a good networking site for new music. Keep an eye on it…

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  1. Thanks for the plug! It means a great deal.


    Han-earl Park

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