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I’ve missed a load of gigs I wanted to flag because I’m up the walls in prep for the QME gig in DEAF09 this weekend. The QME are performing on the last day of the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival and we’re in the middle of rehearsals at the moment. They’re going really well and after listening to them rehearse Alvin Lucier’s Shadow Lines yesterday I’m really excited about Saturday evening. The performance lasts from 5pm -10pm; drop in at any stage during the evening, there is no obligation to stay for the full 5 hours. The tickets for that gig are on sale at http://www.tickets.ie from a very reasonable €15/10!

I was very sorry to hear today that this year’s DEAF is going to be the last festival. Organisers Eamonn Doyle and Karen Walsh are gearing up for a big blow-out party on Saturday night to give the festival the send-off it deserves. After eight years running DEAF both Karen and Eamonn have other projects they want to start. It’s a shame that a festival as great as DEAF will come to an end as the organisers move on, but this is the case in a small country such as Ireland where great events are dependent on a few key individuals.

Also – something sweet and non-music related: Temple Bar Chocolate Festival is this weekend!! Yum!

I’m not sure if he’s still doing it but Damien Mulley was putting together a list of interested bloggers to go on the mail out lists of PR company mailouts.

When I originally made the note to blog about the new Tom Waits album you could listen to it for free online. I did. It’s great. Sorry…….

Global Irish Economic Forum Report from the Dept of Education

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