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The QME performance on Saturday night last was a beautiful exploration of improvised and experimental electro-acoustic music. I’ll write a longer post on the event once I get the pics.

A project initiated by artist Mark Garry went online on MySpace today, it’s worth checking out if you get a chance. Sending Letters to the Sea is a music project that brings together musicians Ireland and France that work across genres. It includes contributions from Karl Him, Nina Hynes, Sean Carpio and Fabien Leseure.

On Friday (06 Nov) in Cork UCC Concert Series presents an improv session with Han-Earl Park and Paul Dunmall. It’s a lunchtime event so if you’re around Cork at lunch drop over to O’Riada Hall in UCC.

Jonathan Grimes uploaded a video of Roger Doyle’s 60th birthday concert to his blog – check it out

CMC are hosting open nights for student composers (Tues 04 Nov) and student music teachers (Mon 09 Nov) – details here

Donal Dineen’s Small Hours presents Fresh Air Festival – a  celebration of his picks of new music. It’s airing on Today during Dineen’s 12 midnight to 2am slot and will include artists such as 3epkano, chequerboard, dark room notes, Katie Kim, R.S.A.G and a load of others. I’m going to try catch the first show tonight although am pretty wrecked after the weekend so we’ll see if I make it through the whole show.


ArtCamp is a new initiative along the same lines as BarCamp for artists and arts workers. There is no info up yet but keep an eye on the site for updates.

Take your Seat initiative runs from 09 – 14 November, promoting arts and performance. The initiative aims to demonstrate that attending events is not just about box office takings but is about supporting the performers -the people who dedicate themselves to standing/sitting in front of the audience on an ongoing basis. As someone who always found it painful to stand up in front of anyone and perform, I wholeheartedly support the initiative – get out there and put bums on seats!

The National Campaign for the Arts is growing in numbers. If you haven’t already become a member please join up and show your support – many of us are connected with the arts, either directly and indirectly. Any cuts to public support for the arts will have a detrimental effect on the lives of many people I know. Use your vote and your voice. They also have a petition on the website, which includes the retention of Culture Ireland, The Film Board and artists exemption.


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  1. Thanks (again) for taking note of us.


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