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I have a load of emails in my inbox with the subject line “Blog this”, which are meant to remind me to follow up on something or other. I don’t always get around to blogging the notes I sent, but here are the few in my inbox at the moment:


Creative Review blog cover an interesting project by Youth Music in the UK to celebrate their 10th year. I was doing a little research into international musical instrument projects last year for the Music Capital Scheme and came across Youth Music. They instigate some very worthwhile projects in the UK and are worth checking out.

On that note, the deadline for the Music Capital Scheme landed on Monday last and my office in the coach house is once again the most flammable room in the building with piles of applications in boxes and on my desk. Watch the Music Network website for announcements of awards in December.

Jennifer Walshe continues to stir things up in the US – read the brow-wrinkling description of her latest project Ma La Pert in Issue Project Room

NorthWest Connects is a networking event coming up on Sat 28 Nov in Sligo which promises to bring together local creativity and regional networks. I’d love to be attending – it looks like a promising hub for creative entrepreneurs and businesses in the North West area. The attendee list is already the Who’s Who of the most innovative people working in the North West, and indeed in Ireland as a whole and the most amazing part is it’s free! Twitter


Music Network are in the middle of another tour at the moment – Songs for Cecelia is stopping at a venue near you over the next week or so. The Dublin takes place in the Coach House this coming Tuesday although I’m pretty sure there are very few tickets left.

I like that the emails bulletins from Note Productions are titled “a little note”. The latest one contains details of an upcoming performance by Iarla Ó Lionáird in preferred Note venue, St Audeons Church. The Dublin concert features a guest performance by Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and should be a lovely gig!

Apparently Tuesday nights are the nights of choice for contemporary music in Dublin. I attended the second of the Kaleidoscope series in the Odessa Club on Tuesday last, which featured performances by Malachy Robinson, Clíodhna Ryan, Kate Ellis, Cora Venus Lunny, Martin Tourish & Lorcán Mac Mathuna and an improv by Enda Bates & Linda Buckley. Tourish’s Exegesis left a lasting impression and I’d like to hear the work again when I’m not falling down with exhaustion after a mental day.

Starting this coming Tuesday, New Sound Worlds is a programme curated by Siobhán Cleary, taking place in the NCH each Tues for four weeks. There is no websites for the series but information on tickets is available from the NCH site. Word on the ground is that people will be giving their right arm to attend the first performance by Sarah Leonard and Rolf Hind on Tues. I’ll be putting my hand in at the Coach House so won’t make the first performance but it should be excellent.

On one last note, I promised a quick mention to a new night starting in Dublin- SALT is a new gay music night in Twisted Pepper, every second Wed. The organisers are billing it as a new night targeted at young gay people who are not comfortable with the gay scene as it exists and could well be a fun night!

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