Gigs & trips…

There is a whole lot going on at the moment so I’m going to throw together two quick posts:

No 1 – Gigs!

First things first – check out Music Network’s cracking new website! Swit swoo! We’re loving it!! There’s more to come too, watch this space for the lovelive:music (Ireland’s first ever national day celebrating music) website! There are a load of upcoming gigs with Tasmin Little on tour in Ireland at the moment. We’re gearing up towards our big Gala Fundraising concert on the 05 December in Dublin Castle. Tasmin will be performing works from her Naked Violin album and guests will also be entertained by Trihornophone and Fidil on the evening.

It seems there are a few events on the 05 December and Tasmin sells out you could always drop over to Ergodos Voices in the NCH. The new performing group, established by Ergodos consists of Peyee Chen, Marja Liisa Kay, Michelle O’Rourke and Robin Bier. The programme on the 5th includes works by Linda Buckley, Ben Schlepper-Connolly, Garrett Scholdice, Séan Clancy and Judith Ring.

The next Kaleidoscope takes place on Tues 01 December and will feature performances by Ergodos Voices (in case you can’t make the 5th, catch them here!), Redmond O’Toole and Yurodny. New Sound Worlds, the programme curated by composer Siobhán Cleary, takes place the same evening in the NCH so I’ll be running between the two gigs, trying to catch a bit of both!

Other performance bits

There is an amazing new group doing the rounds – they’re called Traz, they’re based in Sligo, their sound is the most fresh thing you heard on the radio in ages and…. they’re all still in school! Check out their facebook page here and they featured last week on Donal Dineen’s Fresh Air Festival. You heard it here first people, they’re gonna be big, if only because I won’t stop talking about them until everyone has heard their music!




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