Me at Music Network

I thought it would be an idea to give a brief update on why I’ve been so lax with blogging lately and what I’m up to at the moment:

With the Quiet Music Ensemble and the Music for Tipperary performances tied off I’m concentrating all my efforts on Music Network programmes (check out our spanking sparkly new website!) before jetting out to Melbourne in the new year!

Aisling Roche was appointed Acting CEO for a seven month period and I’ve taken on some aspects of the Development Programmes role. This includes taking care of Music Network’s Partner Promoters all over Ireland and also looking after some of the Audience Development work Music Network is always engaged in. We’re in the middle of the last tour of the season with amazing violinist Tasmin Little and she’s selling out all over the country. For those of you who didn’t hear her on the JK Ensemble last week, she’s a bright, incredibly intelligent solo violinist and is a vehement supporter of educational and development work. She’s doing a series of masterclasses and workshops along with the performance and has amazing energy. There are still tickets left to Music Network’s Gala Fundraiser next Sat (05 Dec) and I’ll be there with bells on so pop in and say hi! Tix from Music Network. Fidil and Trihornphone will also be there on the evening to entertain!

I’m also still primarily working on the Music Capital Scheme and with the panel discussions for the 2009 awards coming up this week watch this space for award announcements!! There was a healthy interest in the scheme again in 2009, which demonstrates the ongoing need for capital support for music in Ireland.

Another project I’m not directly involved in but will be speaking about at the Forum for Music annual plenary on Monday next is the Music Education Programme – aka the U2 Funds! U2 have come on board to support a programme Music Network have been developing for the last number of years. We are currently looking for applications for the position of Project Manager on the initiative and hope to roll out the tender process in early 2010. For more info on this call the office (01 6719429) and add your name to the mail out list!

Music Network are coordinating Ireland’s first dedicated day for music in 2010! lovelive:music takes place on Friday 16 April 2010 and will be a day of free music events all over Ireland. We’ve already taken calls from promoters, venues, centers, individual performers and groups all over the country eager to participate! The website is under development and I hope to be able to link to it shortly!

So, that’s it in a nutshell!

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2 Responses to Me at Music Network

  1. BigEars says:

    Wow! Music Network sure is one hell of an organisation!

  2. aislingcryan says:

    lol – cheers big ears! “whoever” you are!!! 😉

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