a tuesday miscellany

I have a bit of a magpie about me and pick up various bits and pieces of information from various sources every week. It includes upcoming gigs, online interesting sounds, other blog posts and notes & ramblings about music. I’ll try to post these magpie posts once a week so as to keep all the info in one spot.

The Centre For Creative Practices on Pembroke St Lower holds a huge variety of events but I’ve made a point recently of keeping an eye on their sound art/experimental music events. They’re doing some very interesting things and a few months ago engaged composer Dylan Rynhart to curate a series of six performances called Components, over the course of which, each performance built on the previous one. The podcast for that series is available here. This coming Thursday they have a performance by a group of musicians and actors working on preprepared material by composer David Bremner. If I was in Dublin I would definitely be heading to this but I’m out of the city that night. I reckon it’ll be an interesting experimental night regardless of the outcome.

I’ve also been keeping an eye on Second Square to None blog over the last few months and they often post some great sounds. Today I spotted a Somadrome mix for Skinny Wolves and spent a spaced half an hour with that this afternoon. Listen over on SSTN blog.

I picked up Stuart Isacoff’s book Temperament recently and just got stuck in last night. I was very sceptical at first as the language is excessively lyrical in the first chapter but I stuck with it and the second chapter proved better; still too florid for my taste but full of nuggets, which draw the reader into the theory of the subject – the piano and how it engaged the greatest minds in history. Still, I’m only two chapters in so we’ll see…

This weekend I’m heading to Cork to the fifth Sonic Vigil curated by The Quiet Club. Taking place in St Finbarr’s Cathedral between 1pm and 8pm, Sonic Vigil V brings together a range of international sound artists and experimental musicians. I can’t locate a website for information but if you’re interested there is info on facebook about the event.  Coinciding with Sonic Vigil V is Sound Stations – a project by students of Cork Centre for Architectural Education involving “listening structures” situated around the cathedral for the day. I have something of a vested interest in the event as a compact version of the Quiet Music Ensemble were invited to participate in the event. John Godfrey will be there with cellist Isle De Ziah and Jesse Ronneau on double bass. Should be an interesting day’s listening!

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2 Responses to a tuesday miscellany

  1. Denise says:

    Beautiful nuggets here Ais 😉 Great to see you blogging again!

  2. aislingcryan says:

    Cheers Dot! I hope to keep it up now that I’m back!

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