A(nother) Tuesday Miscellany

I was away for just a week and it turns out loads happened in my absence! I didn’t notice any of it as I made a point of staying as “off the grid” as possible (which I know technically means evading all forms of monitoring, etc but for me meant staying away from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Couchsurfing and if at all possible reduction of email time!).

birds on film

<– I spotted this while on my break – clever recycling but the boxes were so low anyone could reach them!

So in the meantime, lot of interesting things popped up. Here are a few of them:

Lab for Culture have started a Young Researchers Forum for cultural researchers. While the forum itself is interesting enough, the events organised in conjunction seem well worth a trip if that’s your area. In October they’re running the Young Cultural Policy Researchers Forum for people involved in all areas of cultural policy research.

The Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport have announced a new award for “Cultural Technology“. It’s very broad and seems very accessible so I would recommend everyone involved in a cultural organisation using, or wishing to use, online or technology based portals to check it out. There was a decent piece in the finance section of Friday’s Irish Times (although I didn’t see it until today, due to being off the grid!).

I already have my ticket for Kaleidoscope next Tuesday. The Kaleidoscope website seems to be down at the moment but here is the info on the Science Gallery site. In gig news, Spatial MC are presenting a performance by the Dublin Guitar Quartet on Thurs 05 August. Unfortunately I’m going to miss it but I would recommend heading along if you get a chance. And Second Square to None (SSTN) are launching Niamh de Barra’s new EP Cusp on Sunday 08 August.

Last but not least – how many tags is too many tags on a blog post? Still haven’t gotten a handle on that yet…

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