Events and Notes

It was clearly demonstrated tonight at the August edition of Kaleidoscope the impact venue has on performance. I tore in to the first half of the performance this evening in the upstairs corner space of the Science Gallery (I don’t know if there’s a name on that space) to catch Cliodhna Ryan perform a Bach Partita in D Min and Dermot Dunne perform an extremely intense work by Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina. I didn’t stay for the second half for compounded reasons. The space in the Science Gallery is not especially conductive to an intimate performance; it’s bright, spacious (or more so than the usual Odessa venue) and the noise of traffic from the street and darts rumbling overhead is a constant distraction (especially during the extremely quiet moments in Dunne’s performance). I usually look forward to Kaleidoscope as a whole evening, not just a concert performance to run over and head straight after. The low lighting, flowers & mini kaleidoscopes on tables, “twinky lights” as Cliodhna puts it, warmth from a packed room and excellent wine in Odessa make for a great “night out” and serve to keep the mind from straying from the amount of work waiting at home. The Science Gallery space just didn’t come close to that sedative effect and the panic set in as I thought about the work waiting and the lengthy evening that is typical of Kaleidoscope (there’s another post entirely on the number of us working in the arts who head home after a full day work only to sit at a computer or with a book to work into the evening). Roll on September when Kaleidoscope returns to Odessa. On another note, Cliodhna mentioned they’re celebrating one year in October so that will definitely be a programme to watch for.

On other notes – I came across the Heart Chamber Orchestra during the week and love the idea – music generated using musicians heartbeats! Nice!

I also spotted through Create that DIE FABRIKANTEN (mind your eyes on that bright bright site!) are planning a Europe-wide arts festival. It’s madly ambitious but might just work!

Crash Ensemble are on the hunt for new works for Free State VI

And on another quick note, a friend of mine working on various west-of-Ireland projects pointed me towards a new listings site for music in Sligo – Very handy for those weekend trips west!

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