Discovering New Music

I use Google Reader to browse my favourite blogs and at this stage I subscribe to so many blogs there could be as many as 100 new posts a day in my reader. Obviously there is no way I could read all posts thoroughly, so I normally read the ones shared with me by friends and skim the rest. There are many brilliant posts every day on new music on blogs like State Magazine, Nialler9, The Torture Garden and Onfire. Once a week I make a concerted effort to listen to as many of the linked or embedded tunes on these blogs as possible. I love surprise new music and have discovered some brilliant new bands this way. One of which, the Swedish band First Aid Kit, (check out Heavy Storm on MySpace) I was totally obsessed with for a good three months there after discovering it on State. I absolutely recommend a random listening once a week, and even if you don’t discover any new music you like you can’t but be amazed at the sheer volumes of new music appearing daily.

In other news, I recently started subscribing the the Arts Management Network‘s Newsletter. I’m only halfway through reading the current issue but there’s an interesting (but mainly US focussed) piece on the development of undergraduate and post-graduate studies in Arts Management. It analyses the existing courses on offer and delves into the huge differences between degrees and the difficulties in actually defining the subject. There’s also a decent interview with Brett Egan of The Kennedy Centre‘s DeVos Institute of Arts Management on the enormous recent commitment of $22.5 million in funds for the foundation. At some stage I’d love to take one of their international internships or fellowships but I have more than enough on my plate this year!

Oh, and as a last plug, Tarab are playing in Kilkenny tomorrow as a part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival and I would highly recommend heading to see them if you’re in the area. Francesco is a friend but I also have huge respect for him as a musician. I got to see Tarab perform in JJ Smyths last year and loved the easy combination of traditions and the comfort with which the five musicians perform.

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