A trim Fringe for 2010

A serious lack of time and funds this year means that I’m not going to be able to get to as many Absolute Fringe events as I’d like to this year, but I just arrived back from Copenhagen (more anon!) into the thick of it and I have to get to at least one or two events. So these are my Fringe picks:

Tonight: I’m heading to a preview of Roger Doyle’s The Room in the Tower at the NCH. Described as “cinema for the ear” the work is some of Doyle’s earlier composition and forms a soundtrack for a horror movie. I hope to write a short review of the piece later tonight if I’m home early enough (and not scared stiff!!).

Wed 15: Adventures of a Music Nerd (not snob!) at The Bernard Shaw. I really like the premise of the relationship between music and memory.

Wed 15: Anybody waitin’? at ABSOLUT Fringe Factory at 10pm.

Those are the picks for the moment, as I don’t have an awful lot of time, but more may come up as the week progresses!

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nursery textiles / curating people / building communities / vintage treasures :: belgium / ireland
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