Culture Night

Yet again, I find myself out of Dublin for Culture Night but considering the wealth of events taking place around the country it’s long since that’s been a barrier to getting involved in the event!

Having said that though, I’m sorry to be missing Enda Bates’ work in the Contemporary Music Centre on the day, which combines quadraphonic sound with a nintendo Wii platform… If only to see how Bates manages the space that is well worth a drop into the centre on Fishamble Street. The CMC have been particularly visible this year in major national events such as Culture Night, National Campaign for the Arts Day of Action, love:live music and even organising their quarter of Temple Bar with Music in the Historic Quarter. With a consistent and engaging presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook I think the organisation is an ideal example of making available resources stretch as far as possible. They begin a series of information days in October with Music and Public Art on 20 October. I’m hoping the Art of Sound exhibition that they’re showing on Culture Night is still open next week as I’d be interested in seeing that. If I get to it I’ll write a short piece.

I’d also like to hang around Dublin Castle for a little while in the evening. There is an opportunity to see the city walls under the castle, which I’ve never done despite walking past them daily! There’s also a theatre show in the Coach House by Aisling Ghéar Theatre Co that would be really lovely for families. Next year maybe I’ll try to stay in Dublin for the evening!

For my part I’ll be preparing for Gracelands in Mimetic House Leitrim, which takes place on Saturday. More on that in another post! I’m going to try to get to a few gigs in Sligo that evening and will be trawling Sligo Events blog for suggestions on what to do on the wesht coast!

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  1. cmcireland says:

    Thanks for the kind words Aisling! Jonathan

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