You’ve been warned, this post is an unashamed plug for the ensemble I’m involved in!

The Quiet Music Ensemble took a long break over the summer months and we’re delighted to say we’re back and starting a new season with a live broadcast from RTÉ Lyric fm. On Sunday night next (17 Oct) the QME will join Bernard Clarke on Nova to talk over all things experimental and to perform with guest performer David Toop. The interview and performance will feature an interview and reading by David Toop fom Sinister Resonance, the ensemble improvising with Toop, and a performance of the QME commission by Toop night leaves breathing.

Tune in the wireless between 9 and 10pm or listen online here

The Quiet Music Ensemble is a Cork-based Experimental music group led by composer and performer John Godfrey, launched in 2008. The QME is dedicated to music that invites deep attention; music that is immersive, reflective, and introspective; music that is an experimentation with, and meditation on, sound itself. Our music doesn’t shout: less is more.

If you need more info please contact me at aislingcryan [at]


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