This week (15 Nov)

There are a few really great gigs on this week, most of them clashing (typical), so my week will be spent in frantic deliberation over which one to get to:

Tomorrow night is a whopper – The CMC have the second in their Salon Series and by the looks of the programme it’s going to be a really interesting evening for conversation and questions. ConTempo quartet perform work by Eric Sweeney, Jenny Walsh and Jane O’Leary and the evening is FREE people!!

A mate’s band The Gorgeous Colours are playing The Workman’s Club tomorrow night supporting Tiger Cooke. Drummer Simon is a friend so I hadn’t listened to them until he joined earlier this year but I’m so glad he did. They’re a brilliant band with great energy and are not afraid to use different sounds/instruments. I’m crap at reviewing/describing indie/rock/??? music so I won’t try but if you get a chance, go see these guys; it’s only €7 on the door. I just bought a copy of their new EP and I can honestly say I love it, especially the title track The Creatures Down Below. Check out that quirky typewriter at the start! Niiiice! The vocals in the middle make me think of The Frog Song. Please don’t ask me to explain what goes on in my head… Ah childhood memories!!

Another FREE! gig tomorrow night is a new jazz series in Kennedy’s beside Tara St dart station. This is where I’ll be, simply because I haven’t seen my mate Dan in ages and he’s playing. Dan is playing there every Wed from about 9 with Nigel Mooney and I’m afraid I can’t tell you who else because I can’t find any info on it. But for a really nice, chilled out evening, I reckon Kennedy’s is the place to be.

Two brilliant online music publications – State Magazine and AU – take to the ring this Friday in State vs… (Facebook link) in the Mercantile. It kicks off at about 9 and, yet again, is a FREE gig. (This city is amazing for free gigs!!) Grand Pocket Orchestra, The Lowly Knights and Cloud Castle Lake feature.

Also, not in Dublin this time, O’Suilleabhain brothers play The Loft at The Locke bar in Limerick on Saturday night coming. Performing as Size2Shoes the brothers are a phenomenon unto themselves. Their music bears no description except to say that they are both highly skilled musicians and… wait for it… there is beat-boxing involved! I’m not exaggerating when I say I was blown away by them perform about two years ago, supporting Julie Feeney in Crawdaddy.

On another note entirely, I’d love to embed a video or two occasionally but will IMRO hunt me down and shoot me if I do? Any advice welcome!

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3 Responses to This week (15 Nov)

  1. Chris says:

    My understanfing is that you’re grand with video as you wouldn’t be hosting it yourself, just sharing/embedding it from a service such as youtube/vimeo who are in charge of that kind of thing on their end.

  2. Chris says:


  3. aislingcryan says:

    Thanks a million Chris. Ok, next time I’ll put the Frog Chorus straight into the post 😉

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