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So, for once I’ll write an actual post that has something to do with arts management/music/culture – the field I’m supposed to be working in! I get so little time to blog that by the time I get to it, the gigs I wanted to flag have already happened!

However, there are a few things coming up that are worth keeping an eye out for. Crash Ensemble are hitting venues around Ireland from next Friday 03 December. If you are outside the big shmoke this is a great chance to see the ensemble in action. It’s a huge logistical venture but I imagine it’ll be heaps of fun for those involved. The programme is really varied and includes work by Quiet Music Ensemble’s John Godfrey. Check it out!


I found what I think has the potential to be a great site – Scintilla Recordings – but it doesn’t seem to function very well as a site. In any case, it’s a label for electronic/ambient music that could be great if well managed.


Ooooooh, these Playbuttons are amazing!! I want one! I definitely want at some stage for one of the Quiet Music Ensemble recordings and would love a poppy one with an album of 80’s tunes on it. Nice!

The First International Forum for Young Composers takes place next year in Portugal. It’s coordinated by Sond ‘Ar-te Electric Ensemble. It’s intended as “an opportunity to young music authors to compose new music and present it to a wider audience” and “create a privileged space for exchanging ideas and experience between young composers and performers”. I think, perhaps, there’s something lost in translation there with the use of “privileged” (or maybe not!) but otherwise I’d be very interested in seeing how it’s managed and in finding out if the composers find it productive.

My picks for next week: The Vanbrugh’s in the NCH next Tuesday night: New music by contemporary Irish and international composers

Si Schroeder at Mill Street Studios on Friday 03 December with 3epkano. I’m going to do my best to make that one; I’m a huge fan of both!

Saturday night 04 December: The wonderful Cara O’Sullivan at the Music Network Gala Concert in St. Patrick’s Hall in Dublin Castle. (DOI – you all know I work with Music Network but the gala really is a magical night every year!)

Phew! Long post!!!

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