Marking History…

I promise not to use this space for political soap-boxing but (…yes, BUT!) I did head out on the march today to O’Connell St. I was very much against the idea of marching with the Unions but nobody else had bothered getting off their arses to organise a march so I decided to add my two feet to the numbers on this march. As it turned out, there were far more people marching who were not linked to unions than those that were. In my close vicinity in any case. I thought I might just share a few pics I took.

Like many people I woke to the sound of the apocalypse this morning! A crash of thunder broke right over my house and my bed actually shook!! I was sure the four horsemen were trying to shake me out of my cosy hiding place – the perfect weather for a protest! I wrapped in many layers and strolled though Merrion Sq on the way to Merchants Quay. On the way I spotted this bird-pecked apple in the snow. (Incidentally, The Journal created a slide show of snow pics this morning. I love the horse one!)

There were already so many people at the protest when I got there at about quarter to twelve. It was the first time I’ve been on a march that size and I was actually a little intimidated; especially as older men on their own seem to have no qualms about pushing you aside if you’re in the way. Not especially nice…

I found my mates dancing and keeping warm to a samba band on the corner of Winetavern Street. It was really fine and quite calm from then on. There were thousands of people chatting, strolling, blowing whistles occasionally; people with a need to say something but very few outlets available to them.

O’Connell St was equally calm and pleasant. We listened closely to Fintan O’Toole, who was a clear, rational voice amidst the clamour of the Union madness. I’m not going to bang on about my personal views – I did that enough on twitter today and this is not the space for that! I just want to share a few pics of a day which I hope will have had some small impact on people – even if the people impacted were the ones actually marching.

This last pic really summed up the sentiments of the marchers…

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