Christmas Post

I’m hoping I’ll have the time/presence of mind to do a post before the new year so this won’t be my last post of 2010. I’m making no promises on that front though.

I finished up the Music Network end-of-year frantic tidying last week so that I could concentrate on family and home things this week. I’ve been holding a deep secret for about three months now – MY BROTHER IS HOME FROM OZ FOR CHRISTMAS!! I was the only family member that knew, and he and I spent the last week surprising my three other sisters and my parents. It’s been pretty amazing. Enough tears to float the Ark!

So, onto business – there are too many of those epic end of year posts in blogging so I’m just going to do a regular one. Two bits of news that I wanted to share are:

Crash Ensemble just advertised the most incredible job. I know it’s been a desperate year for employment in Ireland but I saw two jobs that I had seriously coveted come up for grabs in the past few months. One was the position of Music Programmer in The Model, Sligo. The second is this position with Crash. Apart from those two, there were a heap of other jobs – full-time and part-time, contract and permanent – that I would have considered. The reason I didn’t apply for any is that I have a Plan (yes, with a capital letter) and I’m sticking to it. But seriously, that position with Crash is pretty “woah” for the right person. I know Frances will be a hard act to follow but it’s an enormous opportunity.

In other news, a few friends of mine are after launching a new online cultural magazine called Vulgo. I haven’t had a chance yet to ask them about the name but plan on doing so in the new year when I talk to them about the magazine. Until I do that, I’ve just been looking over the content and it seems a good mix of video, text, audio and photography. More on this in the new year but I for one will be watching with interest.

For now I’m taking full advantage of a break from classes and work and am off to watch Jamie Oliver’s Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

a x

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