Bits & Pieces

Before too much times passes I just want to make a quick note of a few things!

First, to say goodbye to Frances Mitchell of Crash Ensemble fame. Under Frances’ watchful eye Crash went from strength to strength. She is a force majeur in arts management, brilliantly balancing the tightrope of funding cuts, bringing new music to Irish audiences and a need to increase international profile of the Ensemble. I was introduced to Frances a few years ago by Gareth Costello, very late one evening after a successful Living Music Festival event, and I was immediately struck by her energy and vision. I’m sure Frances will be desperately missed by everyone in Crash, although she’s not gone very far – the 46A is a short bus ride out to UCD!

The other thing I wanted to flag before it gets too close are the CMC’s Nights of New Music. The first such night is coming up on 23 Feb and all the action will take place in and around the Kevin Barry Room in the National Concert Hall. I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a big fan of the CMC’s and this is another step in their visible support for new music in Ireland. The project is a clever sharing of resources and audiences as the CMC join forces with the Irish Composers Collective (ICC) and the NCH to provide a nicely packaged whole evening of new music! The first evening is curated by Ergodos and kicks off at 6pm with a performance of new music by Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, Garrett Scholdice and Jonathan Nangle. After the concert there will a break to take in some wine and tapas at the NCH before the ICC performance, with a pre-concert talk at 8pm*. I’m gonna be there, hope to see some of you!

Just in case you didn’t know – the CMC tweet!

* Update: Elizabeth Hilliard will not be giving the pre-concert talk as I said before, but will absolutely be preforming in the 8.30pm concert! Sorry Elizabeth for making you jump!!

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3 Responses to Bits & Pieces

  1. Elizabeth Hilliard says:

    Hi Aisling – thanks for the mentioning the concert, but I will not be giving the pre-concert talk, got a fright when I read that! I believe that Evonne from CMC will be talking to the composers about their works. Concert should be great – myself and Kate had good session today on the music. See you Wednesday! Elizabeth

  2. aislingcryan says:

    Hi Elizabeth!
    Apologies for the fright! Although I’m sure a pre-concert talk from you would be seriously enlightening, there is enough pressure before a performance before adding talking to a crowd to that! Looking forward to tomorrow evening

  3. Elizabeth Hilliard says:

    Thanks Aisling – a few people had been asking me about it as well!! – hope to see you after the show

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