Quick Links II

Another really brief post on a few things that popped up on my radar this week:

The Arts Council are hosting information clinics for their Project Awards all week, starting this morning in Dublin. More info on clinics across the country here.

ConTempo Quartert are performing new works by Dave Flynn, on 12 March in Galway. It sounds really gorgeous, with performances by Breanndán Begley and Mick O’Brien. If you’re anywhere near Galway I’d seriously recommending heading over to hear a host of new work by Flynn.

I already wrote a piece on Vulgo about Sensorium coming up next week in Dublin, but wanted to highlight this workshop performance of The Jimmy Rig Slip Jig by George Higgs. Tues 08 March, downstairs in Project for €3 – no, I didn’t make a mistake! €3! “a machine of song” according to Higgs’ press release. I’ll be there!

Last note – me and my skin & blister were both shortlisted for the Irish Blog Awards! Wheeeeeee!!!

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