This Week

A quick post with a few links for this week:

On a non-musical note, I’ve been crafting again! These are some red heart garlands – I’ve made some green ones for an ‘alternative’ Paddies’ Day party I’m heading to in Brussels!

I probably already mentioned it, but I’m hoping to spend much of the week at Sensorium experimental music festival. Check out the website!

Tuesday will be a busy one for me as we launch love:live music in the Culture Box in Temple Bar! Four weeks and counting to the big day!! There are a couple of new features I’m working on at the moment for the website and hope to have them up and running this week!

Spatial MC have a gig on Wednesday night in the NCH, featuring violinist Darragh Morgan. He’s a mesmerising performer and I’m really looking forward to that gig. It’s a part of Wednesdays for New Music. If you haven’t already heard of it, it’s a drive, with the backing of the CMC, to make Wednesday night the night for new music in Dublin. For the first time there is a coordinated effort by programmes to take a strategic approach to programming new music as a sector. The other programmers are Kaleidoscope, CMC themselves, and ICC.

Here’s a sweet end to a Sunday evening for all you 80’s babies, like me! Via my good friend Niamh!

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